Friday, 26 February 2010

SWT sacrificing passenger safety and security for profit

This is a case paying more for less and sacrificing passenger safety and security for profit, which stations will be next ???

"Quieter" Kingston offices to close under South West Trains

South West Trains (SWT) has announced plans to close ticket offices at Kingston’s quieter train stations during the weekends.

Under the proposals, customers will no longer be able to buy tickets during the weekend at Malden Manor or Berrylands. Motspur Park’s ticket office will be shut on Sundays.

The consultation period will last 28 days, meaning the changes could take effect as early as April.

Ian Johnston, customer service director for SWT, said: “People’s buying habits for rail tickets have changed in the same way as many other products, with more and more customers choosing to make purchases over the phone or via the internet.

“The recent introduction of Oyster on our services in Greater London is also having an effect on buying habits.”

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