Tuesday, 16 February 2010

New Malden's air not clean enough, environmental survey says

Surrey Comet reports
Air pollution in New Malden is too high according to European Union targets, an environmental survey has revealed.

In 2009, the Maldens and Coombe neighbourhood committee commissioned an study into nitrogen dioxide levels in four locations in New Malden, three of which were above the acceptable level set down by a European Union Directive.

The Fountain Roundabout, A3 roundabout and Burlington Infant and Junior Schools were all found to exceed 40 particles per cubic metre.

see Fix My Street for updates

This can result in large numbers of premature deaths

CAMPAIGN for Clean air in London
Clean Air in London’ urges again Environmental Audit Committee to support call for government apology after failing to update, or covering-up of, over 250,000 premature deaths due to dangerous airborne articles over 10 years

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